Energy leadership is a process known as core energy coaching™, developed by iPEC founder Bruce D. Schneider. Core energy coaching is based on a simple yet profound premise: real sustainable results can only be had by looking at the root of the situation versus the symptoms.

As individuals, we view the world through filters based on our mind: our past experiences, beliefs, values, interpretations, and assumptions — they either limit what we see (like tunnel vision) or expand it (like a prism). Often, we unconsciously develop these filters throughout our whole lives and they color how we perceive things that happen in our world. A simple example: imagine unknowingly walking around the world wearing rose-colored glasses - everything looks pink! Is it really? Of course not. But our perception shapes our perspective.

Our conditioning ultimately affects how we show up in different situations and could even be holding us back from realizing the full potential in ourselves, our personal relationships, and our careers. Our conditioning is responsible for our current level of success but also our derailers and inhibitors of our full potential.

Energy Leadership is a self-awareness framework that gives new language and concepts to help strengthen emotional intelligence. It empowers leaders and teams to successfully navigate stressful situations, evaluate decisions and shift communication styles to inspire others.

Leadership in this approach is defined as how you interact with everyone, including yourself. Everyone is a leader by choice or default.  Leading is the way we help move people, including ourselves into positive action.  The question is not whether or not we are leaders, but HOW well we lead.

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