Ignite Your Leader Within!

Position Your Values, Core Identity, and Leadership Potential for Greatness!

You are someone who sets a goal for themselves and is driven to see them come to life.

However, life happens and you find yourself stuck. You haven't reached your goals but it's not from lack of trying.

Also, you are someone who Is interested in tapping into your inner coach and learning about personal growth.


You are finally ready to level up but you know that you can't do it alone.

Ignite Your Leader Within is an online course that will help you identify the goals and desires that light you up so you can shine bright in your power.

I am here to support your personal development so you can identify what is keeping you from evolving into your greater self.


This workshop will teach you:



Assess your values and the guiding principle you live by.



Identify your blind spots, the things that make you tick, and what drives you to take inspired action.



Transition to create a plan that ensures the LEADER within you aligns with your VALUE and PURPOSE.

Hola! I'm Gilmanda, a Productivity Expert for Women on the Verge of Greatness!

I use my expertise to encourage personal development and leadership with women who want access to knowledge and support needed to thrive in life.

My credentials include: a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Management, a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics, and am a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO).

I am also a Certified Life Coach and hold a certification as an Energy Leadership Index-Master Practitioner from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). 

After a particularly stressful experience at a previous job, I decided to venture out and start my own business to work for myself. One problem, I had no idea where to start and how to gather and focus on my best ideas! That is where Gilmanda came in.

By working with Gilmanda, I was able to break down my own sense of Imposter Syndrome and prioritize my work and reach my goals.

Gilmanda is a fantastic role model and partner. I was able to complete some very important projects right before I went on maternity leave and was able to pick right back where I left thanks to Gilmanda's guidance and support.

~ Rachel Ober ~


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